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The mascot’s abilities are designed to provide an effective, situational buff to the team. Mastering and timing the mascot’s powerful abilities will drastically improve your odds to stand victorious.

Mascots are not playable characters per se, although the current host carrying the mascot, will gain an extra action bar to control the mascot’s skillset.



 Piglet is a brave and fearless companion.
With his obvious lightning reflexes and his overwhelming cuteness, he is also impervious to damage from most sources.
Collateral damage taken will be healed up quickly, thanks to his ability to “Lick Wounds”.



Should Piglet, in some gruesome event, succumb to his injuries, he will instantly be revived by his passive ability [Nine Lives]. The cooldown of his other skills will be reset.
There is really no point in murdering the cat. What beast shoots cats & children anyway ?!



If his current companion falls in battle, Piglet will quickly escape from this perilous situation and dash into safety on the body of another teammate, closest in proximity. This teammate will then become Piglet’s new host and will be able to control his actions.



Once in a while, Piglet will spot an irresistibly delicious mouse and leap away. The next time upon encountering a female enemy player, Piglet will use his skill “Mousetrap” to set loose the mice he caught, causing the female enemy to tremble in fear for a brief while.


Piglet pounces to his target location, digs his claws into the enemy, causing them to Bleed for a small amount of damage every second until healed by an ally.


Piglet summons his kittens to distract nearby enemy players and slowing them.
Sensing the smell of blood, the kittens will distract Bleeding enemies first.



When two or more teammates are in close proximity, Piglet is overwhelmed by excitement and goes into a frenzy.
Activating his “Catnip” skill, will let out a purr of courage, increasing the effectiveness of all teammates in range.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

It’s been quite a while since Piglet got his very first taste of victory and he’s been thirsting for adventure ever since.  We’ve watched our beloved feline grow from an innocent, curious furball into a brave and seasoned mascot.


Piglet’s taken his goals in life very seriously and he’s taken his training to the next level.
Today, he takes a front seat row alongside our most skilled warriors and stands victorious with us against the most challenging opponents. Piglet outskills us all in agility and wit, developing a wicked sense of humor and we are extremely proud of him.


But since his return from Blizzcon in November, Piglet has been one very sad kitten.
He has not been called to action in the Overwatch Beta just yet. Every single morning he eagerly awaits the postman, hoping to have received word from the Blizzard Headquarters. Alas, it looks like his invitation has been lost in the Twisting Nether.


We can no longer endure looking at the disappointment in Piglet’s big teary eyes.

Dear Keywardens, allow our Piglet to warm your cold hearts once more – and your feet too. Winter is coming.


Please throw open the gates to your Overwatch universe.