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 A year ago, the entire guild gathered from across the globe to see our kitten Piglet departed on his first journey in life.
One plan of action: charm his way into the Blizzard headquarters and bring home a handful of keys for the WoD beta.
Nothing could dissuade him from this quest. Loaded like a treasure goblin straight from the vault, Piglet made his way home a few weeks later, and nothing’s been the same for him since.

What a long, strange year it’s been for our favourite ginger pet. With Piglet’s help, we broke the Tide of Steel and defeated Blackhand in the Blackrock Foundry. We ventured into Highmaul together and kicked some big bad Ogre butt. Piglet’s taken a front seat row in the battle against the forces of Gul’dan in Hellfire Citadel and he ventured into the wilds of Tanaan like a true vigilante.
All while running some personal love-errands here and there, chasing Pépé through Draenor and making a lot of new friends,
such as ‘Piñata’, his Elekk Plushie friend.

He truly is an unstoppable force.

Times are grim, communities have been rolling with the punches and a lot of players have moved on, chasing their own Emerald Dreams.  A lot of guilds disbanded and Hellfire has caused a lot of debris. Piglet too, has seen many of his friends leave over the past few months.

Now that the Tomb of Sargeras has been reopened, and the demons will soon pour into our world again, it is time for Piglet to unsheath his weapons and

Azeroth’s most seasoned veterans can wield myth-forged weaponry and artifacts to prevent ultimate destruction. We are ready to take the heat, unsheathe our weapons and challenge the Burning Legion. But Piglet too is determined to help us stand victorious against the demonic attacks and has been working tirelessly on his very own generation of newborn warriors.

With your help and Legion beta, we will become Azeroth’s elite vanguard in the most desperate hour, and face standing on the brink of extinction #together.

Today, Piglet and his girlfriend Poppy are proud to present their offspring:

The Illidari kittens possess an extreme sense of awareness and unmatched agility to stalk their prey. Truly peerless, they can tap deep into the powerful fel magic energies and go toe to toe with even the most powerful foes. And even though they have not yet taken the life of a demon, Porkchop and Pigglesworth already developed the demonic features that will prove to be crucial in the victory against the minions of Sargeras.

But the kittens have a very short fuse. They have not yet gained full control of their emotions and they are very eager to banish the corruption from the Broken Isles. We fear that they may be throwing up a tantrum should they not succeed in getting their ickle paw on the Legion Beta soon.

And we wouldn’t want to test the patience of the Illidari, now would we…?