GET THOK’D! 11/14H

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After only a couple of nights battling with the ol’ dinosaur, Thok the Bloodthirsty met his demise.

This is an excellent start to the new guild, and we hope this momentum continues all the way through to Garrosh. Next on the list is Siegecrafter Blackfuse, arguably the hardest boss this tier. That’s gonna be fun.

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  • Brockthar

    Was honestly expecting to spend much longer on Thok. Nice job everyone!

  • Exon

    Yep same Brock, lets hope Siegecrafter is the same! Oh wait…

  • Hex

    Awesome work guys, Siegecrafter is an amazing fight, managed to get it to 5% on 10 man, but fuck me its almost as good as Rag HC. But awesome guys, keep it up.

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