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A few days ago, the guild took on a massive change: a full reform in an attempt to fix all internal issues in the guild.

With the merge of team Dracarys and team Krixus as one (formerly known as Shadow Forest),  a few hotfixes had already been applied but the officers agreed that the guild needed something more in order to grow stronger.
The whole idea was to rebuild the guild from the ground up structure wise, whereas most systems would remain mostly unchanged: f. ex the EPGP the track attendance/loot.
The result is a fully reformed guild, under a new guild name, an entire new set of rules and the establishment of a Code of Conduct to help prevent raid downtime, improve overall preparation and banish most slack within raids.

We are also very pleased to present our new homepage after having a lot of fun designing, coding, tweaking and writing it. Enjoy 🙂

Out with the old, in with the new!


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